TOB (Take Ova Band)

Founded in 2004, TOB is a band notorious for its unique sound—a sound which rings familiar to a diverse audience around the “DMV” region. Go-Go originated in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. and TOB prides itself on a brand that is more than just its music. Through various initiatives, the band uses entertainment as a channel to promote peace in a community whose reputation has been plagued by violence and politics. TOB’s distinct music is filled with the perfect blend of contemporary tunes and nostalgic oldies and has been the source of its steadily rising popularity, performing live for over a decade. Also known as “The Crank of the Bounce Beat,” TOB has received many recognition and awards such as; “Band of the Year,” at DC’s Go-Go Awards ceremony. Although each member brings a distinct skill set to the band, what they all share in common is their love for go-go music and their community. Together, their goal is to continue to make music, initiate peace-promoting events, and provide services to ultimately make their city and the world a much better place.

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