Pinky KillaCorn is a Hip Hop Artist, rapper, song writer and entertainer. Born and raised in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC started entertaining at the tender age of 7. Her artistry began when she performed West African Dance, participating in the DC Metropolitan Area Caribbean Festivals, as well as other performances and competitions where she was undoubtedly a star and winner of many of the competitions. In 2012, Pinky birthed her solo career as “Pinky KillaCorn”. After realizing that her favorite food \”corn\” was in almost everything and indigestible, she related it to her, \”The Best! Being Everywhere and Indigestible\”. You can correlate her music in just about every facet of your life! Your trials, tribulations and triumphs. Pinky KillaCorn dropped her long awaited debut album \”KillaCorn\” to ITunes on August 6, 2012. She is now touring and killing shows! Her trademark is \”HOLUUUP\”, and after seeing her live performance, you too will be shouting….\”HOLUUUP\”! 

Experience the KillaCorn Movement!

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