When: Saturday, September 24 6 pm to Midnight 

Where: DC Dental Service Parking Lot @ 3130 MLK Ave SE & 4th St SE Washington, DC 20032

What: DJ’s, Art, Goods, Interactive Experiences, and more! This market is open to the public, family friendly and will be programmed to serve all ages.

Why: Access to Retail Options is at the center of community change in Congress Heights. The DCH + Emerson Art All Night Retail Market will feature emerging ebony merchants and entrepreneurs selected for the Congress Heights Sycamore & Oak Retail Village that Creates New Opportunities for Artists, Lifestyle Retailers, and Entrepreneurs in Congress Heights.

This venue represents building the retail community that Ward 8 deserves. Guided by the community’s desire to see local and diverse retail options, the following businesses will be celebrated during Congress Heights’ Art All Night ’22:

  • Black Bella
  • Congress Heights Arts and Cultural Center
  • Chris Pyrate & Friends
  • LoveMore Brand
  • Our Armoire
  • Paradyce Clothing Company, Inc.
  • Salon On The Ave.
  • The Museum

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