Crazy Legz & Beat Ya Feet

Born and raised in Southeast Washington, DC, John Pearson III aka Crazy Legz “The King of Beat Ya Feet” has been pushing the Go-go rooted dance, Beat Ya Feet, for over a decade through DMV communities. He first became popular for the signature footwork and style named after him, which is credited with evolving the dance style at a time when the Beat Ya Feet dance was at its peak. He was one of the original members and leader of the popular DC dance group, the Beat Ya Feet Kings. His hard work paid off when it caught attention internationally through his travels to Warsaw, Poland and Ghana, West Africa. Now he not only pushes to influence the DC culture for generations to come, but to also spread it around the world by using the Beat Ya Feet dance to introduce Go-go music and culture to the masses in a way where the music genre is fully accepted and appreciated. He is the Owner of Pearson & Company LLC, a company that utilizes the Beat Ya Feet dance as a base to entertain and educate through events, workshops, competitions, and production.

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